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Default Re: On the Front Cover of Japan's Newsweek: "AMERICA IS DEAD"

the above image may be inappropiate in your mind, but it is what America has become in my mind, I've seen this type of recklessness of teenhood for so long, it does'nt seem to be changing any either, now its ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who are flooding the place with this reckless behavior, thats why I say we're on the verge of total collapse within 10 years I think. And lets not point the finger at whose fault it is, the fact of the matter is EVERYONE is responsible for their own Destiny, nobody forces you to destroy your life or country, We are responsible for letting the Coward,Traitors,leeches in Congress and the White House,Both Democrats and Republicans have sold America down the river. My only hope is for this Rotten System to collapse, maybe just maybe before that Americans will realize the ERRORS of their ways. And don't think for a moment that you foreigners are IMMUNE to the coming disasters, In fact your going to be effected far worse than America will. It was President Reagan who said we could suffer a total collapse of our economy and still be 10 times better off than any country in the world. Lets hope thats true.
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