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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

You make a some good points here blue angel. I recently realized that they are doing the a similar thing with the world population as what they do with the children who are programmed to perform certain tasks. They try to traumatize the people. Thats why they always kill people life on TV. They could easily have killed Kennedy is secret. But no, they had to kill him life on TV with his brain splashing all over the place. This is clearly done to create a trauma in people like you say. After events like this people are much more susceptible to reprogramming. This is exactly what we see in the media nowadays. Constant focus on war and violence. Same thing as what Jeff Rense and Alex Jones are doing. In addition Alex Jones, Jeff Rense and GCN are trying to make money out of traumtizing people by selling them gold and new age fake natural products. Apperantly the owner of GCN is big in trading gold. How convenient that Alex Jones wars continiously about financial collapse and that we have to buy gold. Its just business as usual for them and all the dumb patriots go with it. Its time to wake up and see Alex and Jeff for what they really are: sharlatans who want your money.
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