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Default Re: The Medical Mafia Dont Like It..."Intravenous Vitamin C Kills Cancer Cells".

I left nursing...or was eventually forced out (not sure which) when I realised I was part of a "system" that was about "money making".

The "private" hospital system is NOTHING more than money making. The public system here in Oz is about poorer people offering themselves up for practice for student nurses and doctors...although, i will say, the Public system is VERY strict on Doctors stuff ups. If you're a hopeless surgeon you wont last to long in the public system. Large scandals here in Oz recently have involved privately run hospitals which are also half public.

It's up to the people. They still think Doctors and Nurses are "little angels". The people deserve what they get. They will not stand up for themselves and consider Doctors inparticular a "sacred caste" of priests.

They LOVE going to hospitals. They LOVE the attention from the Doctors and Nurses. They completely lack the ability to stand up for themselves and question authority figures. And dont say they dont know...they do...they just prefer sweet ignorence and wafting off into the Garden Of Eden where decisions will be made for them.

There is hope. Here in Oz major changes have happened in medicine where they have worked out that the best academically is NOT nescessarily the best Doctor. They are still firmly entrenched in the "medical" model but individual Doctors are realising people want a certain service and are offering it. With this has come the crack down by government and regulatory agencies who are basically in the employ of the medical corporates...or more specifically the medical foundations and think tanks who seek to influence government policy for the NWO agenda.

Nursing also has changed alot. Their is a big move away from the medical model towards a more holistic model which takes into account that the human body is inherently healthy and we must eliminate causative factors that cause it to degenerate.

I fear that even as people opt out of the mediacl system they are going to find government coming for them as the medical mafie work out their days are numbered.

What most angered me about the system was that it was prepared to play constantly on the "we care" bullshit when in fact it was about money money money...adinfunatim...
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