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Default Re: There are individuals mocking and imitating my husband and I on this site. We ask that this stop.

BlueAngel wrote:
I wonder if O'Brien and Philips know that you're on this site impersonating them.

Anyway, more to the point.

Cathy O'Brien's story about her incarceration in MKULTRA/Project Monarch share very little similarities to mine.
Hello, BlueAngel. I and my husband have just recently joined the site because of the allegations. We discovered that there were some individuals impersonating us.

We ask that this stop. I don't really know, but you might even be one of the persons impersonating us. If you are, please stop.

I have been through much pain and suffering in recent years due to multiple personalities manifesting in my life. I have tried repetedly to find ways to block them out, but often, they simply return even more aweful then they were before.

I do not know if you have been a victim of Mind Control, BlueAngel, but I promise you that if you will simply listen to me tell my story long enough, you will absolutely share the experience. It is still going on in our lives. For example, my husband has been marked.
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