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Default Re: NWO proof in rap music

It is not a NWO conspiracy. It is a world wide consensus.When we the people surrender our rights, it is not an NWO victory, bit rather and old world song and dance.We all read into things differently, but we allow it to be interpreted by the way we believe. This is all nonsense. We allowed the world to be the way it is.

Nazareth-"Now your messin with the -son of a bitch" is not a story of the anti-christ...or is it? LOL, I think they meant JESUS>
Impregnating ones thoughts into words and then into a song is simply a release of anger, frustration, hard feelings or plain being Badd azz to impress the Homies.. That is all it is. Why do the want to kill cops?Because of prohibition and discrimination. The world in its MORAL interpretation gets it all wrong...JEEEEESHHHH..Quit pickin' on the black man. I am a wanna be Jew..pick on me.
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