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Default Trang Trinh - The Vietnamese Nostradamus

Nguyen Binh Khiem (1491-1585), usually call Trang Trinh, was a poet and prophet who published collections of prophecies in VietNam. He is best known for his book “Sam Trang” (predicts of Trang), the first announce in 1564.

Trang Trinh had predicted that World War III will begin all over the world, a Bodhisattva to descend on earth and New Age come on.

Many Vietnam people were believed his predicts. They were even found CaoDaiism and seek out Bodhisattva of a Master religion.

He worked for Court of Mac Dang Doanh but has disappointed by age of chaos. He request instructions from the King, he want to kill some corrupt official but the King reject its. He quit his job and return home and has hidden life and begin a teaching job on cottage with his students.

Trang Trinh was using Thai At Astrology, an ancient book has source from India. He play a consultative role for Nguyen Hoang (opposition factions) who become a king of South VietNam.

In the “Sam Trang” book, he predicted:
“Eight The Age of Human After
The war begin all over the world”

In Vietnam and India Lunar calender, one The Age of Human have 60 years. This mean that (8 * 60) “Eight The Age of Human” are 480 years. (See more: Samvatsara - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

He write “Sam Trang” book in 1564. This mean that (1564 + 480 = 2044) the World War 3 will start after in 2044.

He aslo predict a Saint will apper on the curent year but his literary is difficult to know.

“Ksitigarbha kill the tyrants and eliminate the traitors
The people can go home”

Ksitigarbha is a bodhisattva primarily revered in East Asian Buddhism, usually depicted as a Buddhist monk in the Orient. The name may be translated as "Earth Treasury", "Earth Store", "Earth Matrix", or "Earth Womb". Ksitigarbha is known for his vow to take responsibility for the instruction of all beings in the six worlds between the death of Gautama (Sakyamuni) Buddha and the rise of Maitreya Buddha, as well as his vow not to achieve Buddhahood until all hells are emptied. [1]

He predict Ksitigarbha will become a Great King for a New Age and the union of countries of the World into one federation.

[1] Ksitigarbha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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