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Default Re: Freemasonry is a criminal organisation

Originally Posted by Ban Freekmasons View Post
This post by you comprehensively proves you are a totally deluded, brainwashed idiot who defends a criminal organisation.
No it points out you have no provided any fact that we are Satanic or criminal.

Yes YOU are in the same gang that murdered our son.
No I'm not.

Now, re-read what this thread is all about.
Why? I've read it once and made my comments. I stick by them.

you prefer to hide behind the curtains (under the guise of privacy).
Why is it a guise? Do I not deserve privacy? Like everyone else?

Like I said you can Google search "ksigmason" and there's plenty out there.

You have made it crystal clear that everybody has got it wrong, criminal freemasonry is really a wonderfool organisation.
Not everybody, just the liars. Freemasonry is a great organization, but sometimes the members are other than great although you don't burn down an orchard over a few bad apples.

I apologise for being a bit harsh with the truth about you, but you cannot stop a masonic dog (You) from protecting a poisoned bone (jahbulon/satan, etc).
I have yet to see you give anything truthful.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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