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Default Re: Are there secret societies out there that fight the Illuminati?

easy on the religeon dude i didnt say anything about that
and yes utopia is flawed and dosnt work
from what i understand one of thier goals is to devalue money so that we will return to trade
in order for nations to trade they must comunicate somthing this current age dosnt do enough of
when people talk they disolve the barriers of religeon which doent even come in to trade
you are less likely to be agresive towards people who you get supplies from
when people come together and work toward a common goal society undergoes a revolution (eg the victorians and the industrial )following these global surges to make life better we settle down to a period of lazyness in order to enjoy the fruits of our labours
yet still religeon doesnt come in to it
lets face we have basked in the glory nthat was the victorians and not realy got much further have we

so a gentle nudge here and ther in the right directions cant be a bad thing

and no i am not in any way connected to any religous sects societys beliefs etc etc etc
so please do not insult me it wouldnt be very SPIRITUAL now would it

be happy be true stay honest listne to your thoughts not others
soon you will realize that you are an idea held together by thought :lol:
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