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Default Re: Conspiracy of socialist ( theftist ) education

:-o Well actually people i was talking about education not expecting a digression towards la rouche or libertarians.
However now that we have crossed that bridge just for the record i am not supporter of la rouche although i agree with many of the ideas of the cec here in au(many of which were stolen from Australia First) i would never support or vote for them again like i admit i have done once at election time

Namely because they are full clueless nutjobs whom seem to listen to la rouche three times a week via webcast the same way in which a blue rinse granny listens religiously to a shock jock AM annoucer.
Simply the aussies in this movement are pathetic intellectual mutants whom seem to struggle to think for themselves.I can just see them now lying on the carpet of their Sydney Rd office in Brunswick Melb, in full cadre getup listening to another la rouche prophecy that never quite reaches fullfillment!. :lol: :roll:
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