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Default Re: Conspiracy of socialist ( theftist ) education

There's a reason I brought up this old thread,( beside it being hilarious,) R. Dooney makes perfect sense as to what he thinks. I agree 100%! Now, what I'd like to add is that if you take this CONCEPT AND TRANSFER IT TO THE FINANCIAL SECTOR you will understand why there is huge appeal to Ron Pauls ideas of Conservative/Libertarian government. You see most of you anti-Paul types don't even know what your talking about. Despite ZERO evidence that he' a Mason, you COMPLETLEY IGNORE HIS MESSAGE OF SMALL GOVERNMENT AND INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY. And not surprising, because most of you are completly, and hopelessly brainwashed from your youths into believing that those concepts are somehow bad. Alot of you are not seeking those things afformentioned above because you or family benefits from government programs of one sort or another, I have no problems with government social programs, they benefit society in many ways. But as a young man who will probably NEVER SEE A DAMM PENNY OF MY OWN MONEY PUT INTO SOCIAL SECURITY ALL MY WORKING LIFE! , Somethings that are going to be tough for everybody, less governement programs, will be a positive for everybody, can't you peoplre understand what individual responsibility and economic freedom is, sure you think those concepts are ancient, and can never be achieved in this NWO. Well, as long as you believe the LIES THAT SPEW FROM THE POLITICIANS TODAY, you will beheld bondage into your thought process, that's why I like and support Ron Paul, his MESSAGE RESONATES WITH ME, I'm not economically independent, but I believe I could be if I truly wanted to. this current system is coming down all around us, you will accept more socialism/communism/capitalism the NWO, Or you will one day realize how stupid your thinking was byu not supporting Ron Paul.
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