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Dear all,
I consider myself a survivor of an experiment of thse kinds of torture existed in EGYPT, NORTH AFRICA where you can find someone using taser against you or talking to you while you are sleeping and using radio devices to "AWAKE YOU" of course with beating and shocking devices...
All I wanna say is that they cause Hallucinations to you an provide you with training program in order to make you confess of something. Also, these people are sadist and mad, some of them are terrorist and the others or homosexual.
All they want is abusing and causing pain to you, and these psycho people are everywhere in the world. They know nothing about humans because they live in stink and most of them are getting mad by the time so when you sleep at night please open any sound device in order to make sure that these people feel pain like you... By the way, we wanna make a group against these mad people and we will use CAT law of UN against them.
And don't forget to call the police to play with them like rats. :-))

I will be waiting for your feedback..
Next time, Don't listen to Sadists and pain traders..

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