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Leviathan wrote:
Of Satan we stay clear,like Michaiel, we do not argue with the Archangel for it is not our time to do so.

You do though as in this statement: Sataniel? HAHAHAHA! What a load of crap! In Edras? (ESDRAS)Ridiculous. Do you call the office that Satan holds as REX MUNDE a load of crap and his title Adversary of GOD a load of crap and accuse us as Satanist. IF you in knowledge do this THEN LET IT BE UPON YOUR HEAD. We(for we are more than one)follow the GOD OF I AM THAT I AM and state it here plain enough for even you. FOR WE ARE OF THE LAST THAT ARE FIRST. EDWARD would not do what you dare to do.
"Of Satan we stay clear" - False. You are of your father Satan.

Think that I blaspheme against the Prince of the Power of the Air? Nay. Far be it from me to do so. I'm laughing at your title.

I would only remind you of this one little detail.

Satan isn't REX MUNDE any more. I know it hurts, Levi, but it's the truth, and you know it.

At one time, yes indeed, he held the Wand of Double Power. He held the mystery of Solve et Coagula.

He lost. But, just to make the case clear once and for all time, he was given another chance.

He lost this time as well. Is it blasphemy for me to state the truth?

Nay, it is not so. I have all the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ upon earth. It was given to me by the Unction of the Holy Spirit of the Living God.

And no power of your defeated God can change that.

Oh, and if that isn't good enough for you...mind you, you are in fact talking to the Magickal Heir of the Beast.

Don't believe me? It matters nothing. The time will tell the story.
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