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Default Re: Where does the buck stop?

angelkiller wrote:
I have come to consider the possibility that our enemies are not mortal. Consider, humans are too greedy and do not have the wisdom required to set and keep a course throughout several lifetimes.
I can't say I agree, but it is an interesting point. Although, I buy many conspiracy theories, the one thing in my own mind that makes it shaky is that very element. People just can't keep secrets like that for so long. The incentive to cheat is too high. That is why cartels all eventually fail. The best tack to take is to agree to quotas or whatever and then cheat. Even OPEC, the most powerful and long running cartel in history, has this problem. Everyone but Saudi Arabia cheats on their quota. The difference is that S.A. is the swing producer and can implement the policy they want by reducing its own production to compensate.
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