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Default Re: Voice of the White House

I dont trust that site.

Some things I am VERY sure of. One is that the so called..."voice of the Whitehouse" is a fraud.

For one...the Secret Service's role is to track down people such as him. Big mouths in government. "He" claimed that he could send e-mails from his account because he was using the "super dupa" I.P cover that special people in the government had access to. They work superficially...but NOT against determined probers.

In the end...I.P covers cant work because you MUST have an identifiable I.P to surf the net. You cannot hide on the net. Impossible.

Finally...what he actually writes is simply...nothing. He says nothing. Nothing that I could'nt read from 100 forums and web sites.

Are we surprised that the Bush family is'nt fond of niggaz?

Simple gossip. Possibly more sinister or maybe just simply a stunt.
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