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Default Aliens may look like us.

It would seem very possible that Aliens from another planet, might not necessarily look all that much different then you or I. That is LIFE AS WE KNOW IT. There may also be forms of life akin to Sagan's gas creatures found on gas giants(maybe). Life seems to have away of prevailing under enormous circumstances and most hostile,unlikely conditions. Our galactic brothers maybe in untold numbers and very close by, Close by meaning as close as Proxima Centauri.Which is a little over 4 light years away.

What if the differentials between planetary races were as minor as say, they have 1 ear, one eye and two mouths. You see obviously where I am going with this; of course they would look different, but they may not be comprised of such different organic matter considering there probable and similar origin. Though due to differences in gravity, radiation and other even planetary geological matter compounds it may derives strike differentials. So maybe it is more realistic to state, "Aliens may look like us.". As they differentials found in the inffinity of the cosmos are as endless as there are stars.

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