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Default "Diversity" Is Costing Us Dearly!

"Diversity" Is Costing Us Dearly!

"Diversity" is arguably the most popular "feel-good" word in American popular culture. It conjures up images of a society where everyone is welcome and nobody dominates.

Of course, those seeking to promote diversity never express a need to admit more whites or even Hispanics to "historically black colleges," nor to increase black or Indian homeownership in New York's Chinatown. "Diversity," far from meaning "let's all get together," really means, "let's displace whites." And racially unconscious whites don't care about—in fact, they even "celebrate"—their own decline.

But according to a new study undertaken by Dr. Edwin S. Rubinstein, the negative effects of diversity programs are not limited to the whites who are displaced by them. They are harming the economy as a whole—to the tune of trillions of dollars.

Today's neo-"conservatives," whose only remaining connection to traditional conservatism is a concern for free enterprise and economic prosperity, routinely join liberals in the clamor for more diversity. They would do well to read Dr. Rubinstein's study, which proves that the damages caused by diversity can be measured in the only terms neocons understand: dollars and cents. Lots of dollars and cents.


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