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Default Re: Men in Obscene Red Fezzes!

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
Yes I consider you anti-Masons to wolves in sheeps clothing.

The numbers back it up.

Pike actually says that Freemasonry is not a religion and every Grand Lodge says so as well. No body of Masonry says that Freemasonry is a religion.

And same thing can be said about modern Christianity.

You can't even get the small details right as that is not the honorary title of the Potentate.

I highly doubt this happened and that you have just made it up.

It's not because of an "awakening" that numbers dropped. It was a natural phenomenon resulting from over inflated numbers occurring after WWII and the rejection of norms during the counter culture revolution. Anti-Masons seem to want to take credit for something they had no hand in; absolute arrogance and hubris.

The more I do and research in Freemasonry the more I enjoy it and my faith in Christ has only strengthened since joining, whether that is correlation or causation I cannot say, but I have not seen anything that contradicts with my Christian faith and it is only the opinions of ignorant, corrupted men who have a problem with Masonry.

No, it's referred to as a cable tow, not toll

My jurisdiction guides a candidate, we don't pull him by anything. We also don't bow, we kneel at the altar.

Behind the altar stands a man they call the Worshipful Master of the Lodge (the leader of the lodge).

Nope. We take obligations and they are not "blood oaths".

We are saying one is in darkness in reference to Freemasonry, not to their faith.

Well we don't bow to an altar or man. Worshipful is old English for "respectful".

This is why anti-Masons cannot be trusted as they have outside perspective and don't have the context to which it is all used. The Master of the Lodge is not a Master over men, but of the craft, the knowledge of Freemasonry.

Because we don't.

Not really.

Not really. They are supplementary or complementary degrees, but the highest degree in Freemasonry is the 3rd degree.

False. This is an invention of an anti-Mason. Nowhere is believed in Freemasonry. Plus, while Baal was used to represent a Caananite god, it simply just means "Lord", "husbad", "master", "owner" and so on. It is used in the Bible more than just referencing a heathen god.

No we don't.

Actually we don't. Nowhere in the degree do we say such things.

Actually you only need to be a Master Mason to be a Shriner now.

Last I checked, a lion does not concern itself with the opinions of sheep.

More ignorant and zealous fueled hubris.

Well it's only the extremists who try to make the divide. I see no divide in loyalties.

Actually we don't. We do say it takes more than good works. It takes the blessings from God to allow us in.

Then you should probably read the Bible again:
Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone

So we shouldn't do any charitable work?

It's really too bad you must copy and paste the ignorant work of others.

You are not Christ.

Why don't you go test that theory for us.

So you're against the will of the people and allowing them to rule themselves according to their wishes?

As well as the age Christ was when He Ascended.

Says the Pied Piper.
Hello ksickmason, I'm glad you spent hours trying to destroy this post, I have a few thousand more articles for you. You should be on the stage.... with a broom hahahaha
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