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Default Re: Men in Obscene Red Fezzes!

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
Hours? Nah, that took me maybe 40-min, but it's good to see that you have nothing to counter my argument as you rely on the ignorance of others to support your ignorance.
Hello ksickMason,

We could bitch all day long and that is exactly what masons want. You are in the same gang of masonic pedophiles, murderers and drug dealers that killed our son.

You will waffle on till the cows come home. You will even tell non-masons that black is really white. Some twat has given you the title of most grand worshipful master or eminent commander of the local sewage factory and you believe that. You are living a lie from behind the curtains as all sneaky masons do.

The BBC have a stupid TV programme called "Pointless" and this title sums up a debate with a deranged mason hiding behind the curtains.

You love to get the last word in and tell people that everybody has got it wrong about the pedophile masons. All of the millions (and growing) of truth articles and You Tube videos are telling lies about the criminal masons, just ask ksickmason (the only redwood mason left in the lodge).

You are not smart enough to realise you have been used to reveal truth. There are only a few ships passing in the night as they sail past this forum. I use it to teach the ignorant about the masonic anoraks.

Pointless trying to defend the crooked freemasons, absolutely Pointless.
Like we say….. Ban Freek-Masons, comprehende?.

Repeat….. Masonic donkeys only eat masonic carrots, no other flavour will do….. Take it away donkey (smile).
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