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Default Re: Men in Obscene Red Fezzes!

Originally Posted by Ban Freekmasons View Post
We could bitch all day long and that is exactly what masons want.
So now you presume to speak for others? LOL

You are in the same gang of masonic pedophiles, murderers and drug dealers that killed our son.
Not every Mason is a good man, but unlike your inferrence, we're not plagued with criminals.

You will even tell non-masons that black is really white.
No I will tell them that lies are lies and that conjecture is not fact.

Some twat has given you the title of most grand worshipful master or eminent commander of the local sewage factory and you believe that.
Those titles weren't given to me by any one person, or "twat", but I was elected by the members of whatever the body that I have been called to preside over. Your ignorance is astounding and shows how very little you really know about Freemasonry.

You are living a lie from behind the curtains as all sneaky masons do.
Not really.

You love to get the last word in and tell people that everybody has got it wrong about the pedophile masons.
Freemasonry isn't about pedophilia and you have yet to prove that Freemasonry, as an organization, is involved with anything criminal. In fact, witch-hunt after witch-hunt has proven no wrongdoing by the part of the Masons.

All of the millions (and growing) of truth articles and You Tube videos are telling lies about the criminal masons, just ask ksickmason (the only redwood mason left in the lodge).
Millions is it?! I believe that is an exaggeration or a blatant lie. Also, just because it's on YouTube doesn't make it true. Any moron can create and upload anything they want, true or false, onto it.

You are not smart enough to realise you have been used to reveal truth.
You think way too highly of yourself, as do most anti-Masons I have met around the Internet. They think they, as a keyboard warrior, are so much superior to others. It's laughably pathetic.

Pointless trying to defend the crooked freemasons, absolutely Pointless.
It's not pointless to stand by truth.

Like we say….. Ban Freek-Masons, comprehende?.
NO! I never got what your name meant!

I get it, like most anti-Masons, you are a fascist and would use a convenient scapegoat to spread your message of fear and hatred in an attempt to ban the assembly and privacy of men.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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