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Default MKULTRA/Indian Lake Project/ ChildrenTorture

the metal box

The Indian Lake Project: October 2005

Here are some of the photos from the metal box showing part of the I.L.P. Military Base. It was a non permanent government installation located deep in the woods around Indian Lake, New York. Based on documents found in the metal box, it was in operation from 1952-1955 and was used in part by Army, Naval, and Air Force Intelligence officers throughout those years. It's existence was highly classified, and very few other than essential personnel even knew of the base or of it's location.

The Indian Lake Project: October 2005

upper state new york scroll down page for photographs, see other blog items project began 1952
Q: What do you think the nature of this base was? A: It was a military installation which conducted experiments in both mind control, and to a lesser extent ESP using children. Although I have some evidence from the box that they used adults at first, children replaced them when it was realized that a child's mind is much easier to condition. Q: Where did all the kids come from? A: I can tell you what I know. At least 2 orphanages in up state NY authorized "adoptions" for persons with a military background (or who where currently in the military) almost exclusively during the years of 1952-1955. I also think it is possible for children who went missing during those years from the surrounding areas to be part of the I.L.P.'s numbers.

Many children were instilled thru there torture tactics that
the symbol on the dollar (the EYE) is reinforcement for every Illuminati child who sees one, and the reminder that they are being watched. VERY TRUE !!!! The kids always had and still do have 1 dollar bills on there person

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