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Default Re: MKULTRA/Indian Lake Project/ ChildrenTorture

This ia a post i found.. I believe, you should believe !!!...

Here's the latest installment! If this stuff starts to creep you out too much, just drop me a note saying stop! and i'll stop............>>>

Were the 'participants' there by choice?

Some were, some were born into it, like me, so that’s not really a choice
, some are completely unwitting like those poor suckers who went to Dr. Cameron for mental-health treatments…a MK Ultra deal we’re you’re given llsd and listen to a re-programming tape…the re-programming tape I got repeated “I’m a little man, I’m a small man, I can’t compete with other men” I was about 9 at this time…I guess it was suppose to build my self-confidence in a reverse psychology sort of was, but there were likely more sinister ulterior motives at work as well. I liked the lsd thou, big dose, very pure, I’d go straight out and merge with the clear-light, as I came down, the tape would get annoying, but then the sexy nurse would come back in again and hit me back up with a huge! 10-inch hypo. I guess they were displaying a little humor there with the sexy nurse with a big hypo.

I was there for about 24 hours, some poor souls got stuck there for months.

When I was real small, I’d either be living with them, (the funny people) or I’d be dropped off for an occasional get-together. What do kids know? They accept whatever without question. My memory between being with them and being back home was completely partitioned, this was one of the tricks that the mind-control program was interested in, and learned how to work, very well! Later, when I was more-worldly wise, they had to be a lot more tricky about it. At the bitter end, when I was too wise to their tricks, and they didn’t want to fuss with me any more, I would only arrive from the departure point of a a run-in with the cops, a pot-bust or whatever would take me back to the psychedelic yard for a spell…oh well beats prison!

Is this something that you consider to be a totally physical project, or was it sort of in the
edging toward the bardos?

It’s real, but dream and delirium involving….

First off, there are different related agencies here…

1. the cia mind-control program…these guy’s were doing tons of lsd in a paranoid setting…national security took a back seat to just power for powers sake in a realm above/beyond the law, the constitution, anything. They were a law unto themselves and drunk on power and lsd…strange combination…interested in alllll sorts of stuff, shamanism, ancient south American civilizations where psychedelics were used to control the population, the occult, anything they could get their hands on…. And to help them facilitate this..they got in touch with…
2. The royals or UM (united mafia’s) bunch of cut-throats that rose to the top along time ago, and intend to stay on the for along time….(long enuf to develop time travel techniques, which they eventually did, some time up ahead there in the future…so they’re coming at us both from the past, and the future…get it?)They look pretty dignified now right? But they have those roots, those connections, those family ties, and they enjoy a position above the law like those Johnny come lately’s the cia… and these folks are all wrapped together by their membership in this fraternity…
3. The illuminati or “union of the snake” or whatever….this bunch supplies the royals with whatever they might like, for a price, and these royal have some pretty unusual tastes, being old and rotten and decadent and all. This bunch has its roots in “the world’s oldest profession i.e. prostitution and I believe, certain branches of Sufism (like the ones Mr. Gold and Hassan sabbah belong to) basically this is the heart of commerce and the spice and all exotic and mundane goods kings&queens of the market place. And the low-end of all this is all wrapped up/ in cahoots with…
4. “The great white underbelly” i.e. the community dump….this is the realm of graft and modern day faginism that deals with the underfed, the human-services, the run-aways and orphanages and prisons and prison release programs foster homes half-way houses rehab and cults and whatnot that takes all the miss-begotten riff-raff and manage to turn a tasty profit exploitation that situation in many cheesy way from schools for pick-pockets to dime-bag dealing street urchins to misappropriated government funds to all sorts of scams and rip-offs and “value of a small coin stuff” as the Italians say…this bunch is not so above the law…the protection they have may not hold. Seems to me I originally got hooked up through this bunch, on my mom’s side and the sufi bunch, on my dad’s side…

And that’s about it! To the best of my reckoning!

I’m beat…I’ll get back to you on this later.
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