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Default Re: \"EGYPT\", is Nowhere in The Bible.

See, this is what gets me; The Bible tells us of our fellow man traveling over the Super-continant, yet we still try to make the 'modern' Euphrates, the same Euphrates of the four heads, of the river out of Eden, that became a sea after the division of the land.

But still, the Biblical discription of The Promised Land, is a geologically safe, rich in everything, land SURROUNDED (Girt) by seas.

There's just so much pulling and stretching you have to do to fit earthquake prone modern Israel, to the Biblical DISCRIPTION, that it's only by claiming Egypt is Mizraim, you get close (but still no banana), and we keep refering to relatively recent historic (MASONIC) OPINIONS to place Biblical locations, while continuing to ignor all the Globally Fitting location as Described in this Book written FOR and ABOUT the WHOLE World.

People always have and will, rename new lands after old lands and old 'heros', but the names of places and people in The Bible are DISCRIPTIVE, for God's purpose of REVEALING the HIDDEN SECRETS to ALL who search with their whole hearts and minds, as HE promised would happen before the end of this age.

But to me the most 'telling' proof, is that ALL the Occult, Anti-Christ and Counterfeit/Deceived 'Christian' religions, IDOLISE EGYPT and PYRAMIDS, and the most vile, Satanic Bible mockers, will defend the book they call toilet paper written by men to contol men, to the hilt as unchallengable, if you point out; Nile, Egypt, mentioned nowhere in The Bible.
"They" go rabid!
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