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Default Spawned In Sin And Vileness

Born in darkness, twice as grim
Child of darkness steeped in sin
Crawling through the uterus of a dead whore
I claw and chew my way out and want some more

The night of my conception was a blot
A dozen drunken sailors in an orgy they bought
their semen streamed down that smelly hole
and from their mix was fixed my dark hungry soul
Dad was most likely a drunk and a fool
Mom taught me to violate the Golden Rule
I learned to rob her tricks from the cradle on

Born in Darkness, Io! Io!
Long ago I lost my soul
A dozen men of sin encompassed my birth
And so I was spawned
on the day I dawned to be born on this Earth
Shadows my protector, Anonymity my cloak
As I strangle you with a deathchoke
Io! Io!

(The Aeon of Darkness is soon. At the emergence of the Avatar of Darkness, your doom is sealed!)

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