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Default Re: Wrap your minds around this !!

Dreak wrote:

You need some Serious help there BLUE !!

Do you have any sliver of intellegence left over from your Mind Bender episode ? or are you still trying to grasp that the Segway is not really anything but a simple transportation device ??

PS. thats where i know you the " Ginger " forum were the one who was in Danger from all those that were trying to kill you from knowing too much !!


I would suggest after all those nasty comments on the other Threads about ME and others .. that you just take a nap and let somebody else take a crack at my post

You need to take a break there little one.

I need serious help?? What a joke!!

Who said you know me??? I've never been to the Giner forum. I've been on the forum. You know, the entertainer who is the biggest Bullshit Artist and whose initials are the same BS!!

You must be mixed up.

In danger from all those who were trying to kill me???

No, that was in the past. The present episode involved controllers/handlers from my past on that site.

All those nasty comments about you. Like what? That you're not contributing to the board and just trying to engage Me in some ridiculous conversation which you are incapable of producing.

As you can see, there isn't anyone who wants to take a crack at your post.

Take a break "little one." WOW!! Flash from the past.

Someone give you the codes and triggers???

Seems you're a little ticked!!

In Peace,
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