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Default Re: Wrap your minds around this !!

PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST..I mean every word..

1. Do you accept the possibility of "Time Traveling" ?
( for the first time in History we can accept the possibility )

2. Do you think that in the future we could refine this time travel ?
( if its possible now..then in the future couldnt it be slightly improved with time and experimentations ?)

FUTURE is a broad far into the future can we go ? lets face it..a very large comet or asteroid could impact the earth leaving only micro-organisms alive.

It Could happen a very short time from now .. that in itself could impact what we know from historical documents and religion as we know it..after all..IF we are completely obliterated by a very large rock hittin our Earth.. ( which is at this point just as likely as time travel) then things are not what they seem ( are you with me here ? )

But lets say that didnt happen ..

3.Could future Time Travelers exist in our own Time/Space ?
( could those same travelers exist in our past/present ? )

4. would it be concievable that Our Future is visiting our past.
( that may explain such "different" objects in the sky from time to time..we call them from other worlds..but Im suggesting mebee the come from the future of US.

5.could we be the Aliens were so searching for ?

peace Dreak
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