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Default Re: Nakedsnake calling all Masons.....

I am at least a Master Mason (although TB - bless his little cotton socks doesn't think so).

I believe that because Freemasonry for so long has been too insular and secretive that we became an easy target for blame.

I do not believe that Freemasonry is at the root of the NWO.

I do believe in the globalist control of this planet.

I do believe in an engineered NWO.

I believe that members of the globalist force infiltrated Freemasonry as it was easy to hide their own secrets within the rank and file.

A true Freemason is pure of heart.

I believe there is an incredible ammount of evil in this world, by the same token, I believe that it is all too easy to point a finger of blame at others and not ourselves.

I became a Freemason, because I wanted my children to need for nothing if anything happened to me.

I believe that there has been a branch of Freemasonry that has been corrupted and interpreted wrongly. A bit like Jehovas Witnesses from the Mormon faith.

I believe in, and revere God.
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