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Default Re: Nakedsnake calling all Masons.....

Sorry...could'nt resist...

A true Freemason is pure of heart.

So pure he must join a secret society. In do not become on a whim a must be part of the clique of Masonry to begin with or on there wanted law enforcement...judiciary etc...

My ex-girlfriends Step Father was not recruited by Masons for his good looks but because he is a millionare noodle factory and tuna farm operator.

I became a Freemason, because I wanted my children to need for nothing if anything happened to me.

Insurence not good enough? How about a close relative? Hey, they do it for the kiddies. Oh yes, they do love kiddies the Masons.

I believe that members of the globalist force infiltrated Freemasonry as it was easy to hide their own secrets within the rank and file.

Now that IS funny! The membership of the Business Class infiltrate themselves to further the Business/Financial class agenda!

I believe that there has been a branch of Freemasonry that has been corrupted and interpreted wrongly.

Oh yeh...the old naughty European Continentals versus the conservative and decent U.K branch. Yawn, yawn...

I believe in, and revere God.

Exactly which God? Masons worship ANY God where Masonry Masonry's a Christian organisation? No, it's not...then stop pushing the cult as a decent, fraternal Christian organisation which it constantly leeches on where ever it needs to to further it's goals. It's core has NOTHING to do with Christianity so kindly cease and are at heart a Pagan if not outright Satanic cult dedicated to the worship of Man as NO need of ridiculous superstition and a supernatural God...out there.

I'll ask this once and bother YOU or this thread NO MORE...

Do you revere and believe in the God as Espoused by the New Testament and the life and times of Christ?

A simple yes or no will PERFECTLY suffice.

If no then explain in as direct terms as possible the God you actually 'revere' and I'll bother this thread no more as NS has asked.
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