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Default Re: They are starting now!

I have worked in the internet industry for about 8 years now and have watched it grow from one billion documents to what will soon be over one hundred billion. Given government interest (DARPA) in sites like this one and more notably the "blog" portion of the web you should be well equipped to read between the lines here.

Is it entirely illogical to look to the future and see the bloggers out there find themselves assuming the role of the last remaining soldiers in the was on freedom of speech?

Everything that made the web what is used to be is still alive and well out there. It has simply been diluted with ecommerce and the marketing of the large corporations.

This is a vital tool for the entire human race and one we MUST work to protect. This is where so many of us express ourselves and practice our rights to freedom of expression and thought. The internet is so common today, with so many utilizing it... were we to wake up only to find it gone, the entire nation will at last have a collective incentive to collaborate once again as a unified nation to fight for what is rightfully ours. The financial exchange on the internet alone is good enough reason for them to leave it alone since the corporations so heavily rely on it. As for the perversion commonly found on the web, it isn't on the web at all. It's all over the place and always has been and always will be. If not through this medium, it will only show up elsewhere. On aspect of "freedom" that is difficult to accept is that for us to protect our own freedoms, sometimes we must defend those we find ourselves at odds with.

Don't underestimate the power of this tool as it allows us to gather, communicate, and express our rights of freedom to express ourselves. This may save us in the end. You don't think they could just turn it off on us and expect zero reaction?

This is the single most important technology ever known... the world is smaller than ever. The ecomony wouldn't survive were it to be taken from us. I do expect to see more government policing in this area... but they have far too much to gain from letting it continue as is. Consider all of the information they would be throwing away.

It won't happen. The internet is a weapon for them and it is an invalueable tool for us. It is needed on both ends.

I would be very interested in reviewing the traffic logs from this site... see just how monitored this site really is. For all we know, I am posting on a government project website right now. It wouldn't be the first time.

The Bush administration would take us back a hundred years if it could and then there'd be no place like this to express ourselves on.

It will be around... trust me. Too valueable for them to let go of.

Information is more valueable than gold and this is the largest single database of human expression ever to exist. As a data miner, the value in all that is out on the web is beyond priceless.
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