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Default Re: Why in the world are people committing suicide in the Superdome?

About the Makow article, after the news today that police killed in fact 5 Dept of Defence workers in New Orleans, instead of looters, I couldn`t agree more with the agent provocateur theory.
I GAURANTEE that was a cockup. We are talking about America here..if it moves, shoot it. American fire discipline is TERRIBLE!

Reminds of a song, "Women In Uniform" Skyhooks?
"...sometimes they look so cold."

Getting back to the Superdome and other detention areas: you can bet your bottom dollar that someone somewhere will want to try mass control techniques on some or on all of these people. Watch out for the tell-tale signs and symptoms. In fact, if anyone knows what to look for, then it might behoove you to set up a link with some locals over there to check it out!
It may pay to keep in mind that we are dealing with a city that is now considered "dead". You have some of the poorest and uneducated people in the U.S who have lost everything and have been traumatised by a government leaving them to rot. Add in guns.

Even without "mind control" that is a recipie for chaos.
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