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Default Re: Why in the world are people committing suicide in the Superdome?

Hey, we've been programmed to attribute self-restraint and moral superiority to those in positions of power and authority: it obviously is smoke and mirrors. For mass control, I mean techniques such as Operation Crimson Flood (the use of pulsed microwaves to antagonize villagers in an African town) and other things like that. As you so aptly pointed out, the real crooks might try to manipulate the poorer masses into MORE chaos instead of less! The poor and relatively uneducated masses were stigmatized a long time ago. Now we will see who in the law enforcement community are truly HONORABLE!!
As for the dream, thanks for the input - some of your ideas are close to home. I also believe that it might be an answer to one of my research goals: what is the "Code White" used by these fools to get off the hook when incarcerated or detained? This hand signal could very well be the answer, although it might not be recognized at all locations. I also believe that a verbal distress or safe code is a quote from Candide, the story by Voltaire. Something like, "We live in the best of all worlds", and the reply is something like, "But we still must tend our gardens."
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