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Default Re: The Mind of GOD.

redrat11: I made the wrong impression! i'm far from any standard of "Perfection", I was just trying to understand the mind of Jesus as He taught. Remember, "Unless you become like one of these [pure, trusting] children, the Kingdom of God is out of your reach . . ." (my additions, etc).
And another thing: I've been on both sides of the fence regarding baptism, you know, sprinkle vs. dipping, etc. I remember hearing about, "The word BAPTIZO in the original Greek means 'To dip'". Well, not exactly: the common usage of the word at that time meant "To dye", and of course they had to immerse the fabric in the dye solution in order to do this, thus the denotation of "dipping". I see myself as being changed forever inside and out by baptism, just like the dyed fabric; we are "baptized into His death . . .", and so are also changed forever by His resurrection power.

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