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Default Re: The Mind of GOD.

Christian Thought

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The other day I noticed a article about how the "the Christian religion" was losing huge amounts of people to other belief systems, New Age, Islam, Budhism, etc... This is not surprising since there no longer exist a "Christian Religion." The article then went on to say that most Christians that took part in a massive 5 or ten year religous survey,(I can't remember 5 or 10) said that the reasons were numerous, but that there faith in Christianity had changed.

This is not at all surprising since the present day Satanic System we live under has been targeting Christianity and Christians for thousands of years it seems. However, never before in history has any one religous belief been under such assault as Christianity. Now the assaulters of this belief system, I'll get into at a different time, because they are numerous and come in 'sheeps clothing.'

Now my purpose here in this post is to give my 2 cents on Christianity, You may be saying right now, YOU ARE NO EXAMPLE OF A CHRISTIAN! YOU DON'T KNOW CHRISTIANITY!...My response to that would be, YOU ARE 100% CORRECT! I AM NO 'EXAMPLE' of a "Christian."

I am a BELIEVER of GOD, and a person who BELIEVES that JESUS CHRIST DIED FOR Humanity, so that we all could have Salvation thru his blood and sacrifice on the cross, and to fulfill the PLAN OF CREATION to the end. So what I am going to write here will 'upset' those who revel in Dogma and Doctrine to suit there 'agenda.'

Now what I have learned thru my ** years on this Earth is that I have been FULLY AWARE of this end times SPIRITUAL BATTLE for the souls of Humans, and this is where I have noticed and concluded this.

I have noticed that fake Christians, and they come in all "kinds" have one particular attribute that sets them apart immediately to TRUE BELIEVERS such as myself. And that attribute is that they will fill your mind with dogma and Doctrine, yet THEY WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, mention that "Phrase that saves" you know the one, the one that sets apart real Christians from the rest. I BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST, HE IS MY SAVIOR AND KING OF ETERNITY! ONLY THRU HIS SACRIFICE AT CALVARY, CAN I APPROACH GOD! Now you might be thinking right now, Well, that is something private, and should be confined to the persons situation. I say NON-SENSE! CHRISTIANS are to make there point at every conversation or writing as to who is there SAVIOR, and who or what is there OBJECTIVE, otherwise they are just blowing smoke.

Now my particular belief system in the LORD JESUS CHRIST, Commands me to reveal this immediately, so as not to confuse or hide my intentions. I also state that I AM A SINNER, AND DESERVE TO GO TO HELL! BUT ONLY THRU THE SALVATION THAT CHRIST PROVIDES ME, AND MY FAITH AND ACTIONS THEREAFTER, I have a NEW BEGINNING.

I also must say that I write this post not to EXALT myself above others, or to indoctrinate anyone with my belief system, I simply am making my CHRISTIAN THOUGHT PROCESS known to the world.

And this will lead me to explain what exactly is being a "Christian" as far as my knowledge can explain. And I also say this because I know there are alot of non-Christians, and Non-GOD people out there who have been confused and disgusted with what Christianity has become, even though there perceptions are less than correct.

This will be very time consuming and lengthy, I will be very sure to COPY this post, because I suspect it probably wont see the light of day. So, to begin let me say this first, I have been a Catholic, I have studied the Mormon religion, I have been a Jehovah Witness, I currently am a PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN, meaning that I believe in a certain interpration that is flawless and timeless, and which I will lay bare the facts here for all to see.

Now, what caused me to write this? I have a couple answers for that. The first one is this. I was thinking about what our "Commander" President Bush, said right after the 9-11 attacks, if my memory serves me correctly he mentioned a couple of Bible verses, and then in the proceeding months ahead he continually would allude to Bible verses, so this I was pondering the other day, I wanted to try to understand this man. So as i dug up this mans ties to that 'Nation-State' you know the one....Israel, yeah that one, anyway, I was very fascinated all of a sudden with his fanatiscism with the Jews and Zionist who reside in that Cess-Pool of the world. So what I found was that he, the "Commander" like millions of others here in this Country, have what I shall term, JEW-ITIS, a mis-guided, and mal-alignment of the Christian thought process, which by the way is what I mentioned at the beginning of this thread, you know the SATANIC INFLUENCE and subjecation of Christianity.

But, after careful study in the Bible, I see that this 'affliction' is somewhat not unrealistic to many in the Christian community. You see there is a fanatiscism for Jews and Christians for that "Holy Land" there in Israel. As well as Arab muslims I might add, Now why do you suppose that would be? What do these fanatics see or want there? The answer is written in the Bible, and explained VERY DIFFERENTLY than what they believe in, they believe that Modern day Israel is the last battleground for some End-Times war where in the MESSIAH, or GOD, one or the other will come to destroy those who attempt to destroy Israel. This is a COMPLETE REVERSAL of what the GOD of the Bible proclaims for modern Israel. GOD says he will lay waste to that ABOMINATION called Israel in the last days, (of course it does'nt say that exactly like that, but you get the idea.) So, these fanatics who literally control all the world thru Drugs, Slavery, Wars, Plagues, and Economic Suppression, literrally think that they are actually doing the WILL OF GOD, as absurd as that may seem to you, it is the TRUTH! Because if you look at the history of GODS "Chosen People" the Jews, you will see that GOD chose them for reasons I will explain later in this thread, but as for the Old testament Jews, and how GOD protected them, the Bible reads like a book of Military Assault tactics on varoius races and religions thru out the middle-east. GOD in his instructions sends out orders to annihilate whole populations, now, let me say this, I AM NO PERSON OUT HERE QUESTIONING GODS AUTHORITY, I am simply telling you that whatever GOD decided, then it is DIVINE, and therefore cannot be questioned, because GOD knows what is best for humanity, and we are not at all to judge the CREATOR. Now some of you out there question those judgements made by GOD, If I were you, I would seriously consider not doing that.But... I think I'm getting off track here...lets see here. Now back to Israel, so In my many years of studying the Bible, and they are numerous, I have concluded that not only ISRAEL, but also AMERICA will recieve a CRUSHING BLOW (destruction) from GOD personally, now the Bible does'nt mention this, but the ties that have been created by the Jews/Zionist/Masons/Satanist of both countries have put us here in America in a very dangerous situation, if we let go of Israel, meaning by some miracle a REAL CHRISTIAN would somehow lead us from destruction, don't ask me how. Or America continues it's insane bind to the hip with Israel, then GOD only help us then. So here are some Questions that you should ponder...

1. Is America Destined to be destroyed, or is GOD going to intervene, as he has with the ancient Israelites?

2. GOD demonstrated his absolute authority when he destroyed Sodom and Gommorah, so is'nt America even worse than those cities? does it deserve destruction?

3. Do the PTB actually think they are "GODS Chosen People?"

You see when you dig deep into Biblical Matters, you encounter both the answers and the questions.

So, let me also say this, the Bible is my guide book for life, it is my strength, and knowlege that I use to overcome Satan in this world. whenever my spirit is loathing or in need of rejuvenation, a simple time consuming the WORD OF GOD lifts my Spirit into balance, and because I AM IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD A CHRISTIAN, no matter how bad my past actions were, I have NEW LIFE RENEWAL thru the Blood of Jesus Christ.


NOTE: I will conclude this post tommorrow, I have alot more to write about, and I will write as time permits.
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