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Default Re: The Mind of GOD.

The Temple

What exactly is the Temple? The Temple that Christians have been given is there connection to GOD, in this Temple, lies the Conscious Mind, the INNER BEING, that GOD has created of you. Outside of this Temple there exist 'barriers' these barriers are somewhat vulnerable to intrusion. Therre are many means in which the outside forces of this physical world seek to break down those outside barriers.

The outside forces have have learned ways to 'penetrate' and even enter into the Temple, however a True Believer in Christ has nothing to fear at this point, because GOD has given you adequate awareness of the outside forces that are trying to access your Temple, granted many Christians don't have a clue as to what I'm writing here, none the less I'll try to explain as best as possible.

The evil forces come in many forms of this physical world, the very computer that you are staring at is the one of many tools that they use against Christians. There are many other tools, such as the media, newspapers,magazines, television, radio. And even common 'objects' around your dwelling, And basically the PTB have saturated your presence in there Dominion with these tools, Now I say there Dominion because for a 'short period' of time there Dominion under Satan, will expire when our GLORIOUS KING, JESUS CHRIST will Destroy there Dominion here on Earth.

So how is a Christian supposed to know of these things, when the "Church" never will tell you things such as this? Well, just be thankful that Christians like myself exist out here. GOD in his infinate wisdom has also many workers for him to spread the message of his. Make NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT! WE ARE LIVING IN THE "LAST DAYS" ON THIS EARTH. And there are as yet many, many, horrific things to come to humanity, however Christians should not fear these things. In fact Christians, those who are True Believers should want this present system to be destroyed, and in a hurry I might add. Those who are Non-believers or other religous minded people also should want this system destroyed because it is not of any great benefit to humanity, this is COMMON SENSE, but, as those with working minds know, the Satanist of this world, those who have much power and control over this system, want this world to exist because in it they find much wealth and power, and every conceivable 'dark-dream' they want. They have been in control of this world system since the fall of man at the Garden. There lineage can be traced to the wicked blood of Cain. So, it is this very Evil, and very real group of persons, possibly numbering in the 3 million range around this world, who are doing the work of Satan, The very inner group of these people have much HATRED and CONTEMPT for TRUE BELIEVING CHRISTIANS, and CHRISTIANITY in general because it represents the 'ESCAPE ROUTE' from there dark twisted plans. Also there agents come in sheeps clothing, thru various front groups, including Chritian Churches, it is in these 'front groups' that Christians need to be very aware. Because the penetration into the Temple, they do seek.

The Evil People

OH, they act as " Holier than Thou" Christians, they spell bind the masses with Biblical Doctrine, and ancient language, Bewildering the student into the hands of Satan. These idolaters, they come to devour you. They in fact, believe they are doing you good. Who are these People? Well, as the Bible says, we can call them by many names, but I shall use the term the 'Cryptos' the Masons, Satanists, Christian Zionist, New Agers, they cast there spells with no regard for your, or there souls. I shall say that a good example of these 'Cryptos' do indeed exist here, and that is to be expected as many "conspiracy forums" harbor such souls, and indeed 'encourage' such souls. So, as it is not unknown the many dangerous influences constantly bombarding the Temple, seeking to gain entry. Yes they seek entry into the Fortress....

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The outer Fortress of the Temple is where 'they' penetrate first, the regions which prove to be most vulnerable to 'influences,' and they come slowly and methodically, and initiate a "blitzkrieg" like assault without one suspecting it.

And why do we not know this? Oh, well you see the enemy has formulated such a devious plan that the VERY ELECT are fooled, many are indeed fooled and decieved by the EVIL PEOPLE. And yet still because of the POWER OF JESUS CHRIST, KING OF THE UNIVERSE! they still fail to enter the "Inner Chambers" where-in reside the Conscious Mind, The Gift from GOD. This is a BULWARK that GOD has gifted to Believers in Christ Jesus as LORD AND SAVIOR. NO ONE ON EARTH, NO-ONE CAN GAIN ENTRY INTO WITHIN the True Believers Conscious Mind. They have tried, and tried, and they HAVE FAILED!

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Now to better understand these people one must understand there motives, sure there are many, but, what has been 'held back' from you knowing is the facts as laid out before you in these post's IT IS YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND THEY WANT! YOUR ENTIRE BEING IS THERE! once 'they' have devised a way to gain entry into the unpenetrable, ,then the end will come on this Earth. But Christians stand in there way, as very few people who claim to be Christians will be willing participatory agents for Satan, as yet they will seek total ENSLAVEMENT of your being to them, to the point of you taking there MARK, will you take this mark? 80% of you reading this will, you will be the very people who behead Christians in the last days, these are not my words, these words are from the Bible, (note: not in exact number terms, but very clear.) And GOD makes no mistakes.

Defending the Temple For Life

I'm terribly sorry, but, that information is privy to only the True Believers of Christ, The "Inner Chamber" secrets remain sealed,(with me.)

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