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Default Re: The Doomsday Seed Vault.

Ethanol is another way to reduce food supply.

Think about it. They want to substititute ethanol
for fuel, because it takes more ethanol to run your car,
and corn farmers are jumping on this, seeing $ signs, before
feeding America.

Reduce the global food supply, with hybrid seeds, ethanol, bird flu,
mad cow, weather manipulation, poison in fertilizer, pestisides.

Plunge the world into global economic depression.

Then push someone forward promising food supply and prosperity,
as long as you get the mark.

If you don't get the mark, you are looked down on, cast out, and even killed.

All while these gold hording a&&holes sit back and laugh, worshipping the golden calf.

Didn't they read the prophecy? They will spend their time in the Ring Of Fire.
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