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Default Re: Why Anonymity ?

Well, how ironic that my last post is about to agree in principal with Ahmed.

I agree with everything that Ahmed has stated...In PRINCIPAL.

But i am a single male with nothing to lose.

Also, what is your level of opposition to the Elite agenda? What are you exactly posting about?

The average kook here has NOTHING to fear.

As I am tempted at times to publish names and addresses of powerful "devients" in society I try to be discreet.

Ultimately, if we cower in fear, they have won.

Now that CC has finally plummetted to it's lowest levels of exchange, no one here as anything to lose.

As for keeping religion and politics do you exactly EXCLUDE God and a set of moral principals which underpin society from your day to day life?

If we cannot speak freely of our God given moral principals which in effect prevent society from falling apart...which set of moral principals will you be expounding?

Christianity underpins the legal and political foundation of Western Civilization. You can only be truly secular when you have rid this foundation from everday life.

What will be the new moral underpinning of society then? Because you have to have something...and that my friends is exactly the point of seperating Church and State...God from the people...and that my friends is the plan.

Ahmed, some claim you a fraud. I have too. I think you're sincere in the end.

Good luck my friend. Anyone who respects the will of a supernatural power beyond the fallibility of human minds is in the end, a comrade in arms.

Best of luck Ahmed.
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