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Default Re: Welcome to SeC's Club Conspiracy

Here's another that has left a thousand times always so dramatic as if the wisdom of the ages was walking out the door. BTW it wasn't. I don't claim to have the wisdom of the ages, but I know a drama queen when I see one. As to SeC, most of the time I have already found the info through my own searches and as to his 1900s onward witchcraft philosophy, its junk. I really don't care whether he posts or not it is his right to. I just skip it. Also derogatory comments don't affect me so let it roll. They show your true character and that you can not make a substantial point with out them. They harm you not me. This world is a complete wasteland and it will not get any better because the dominant species will not let it. So lets all continue our charade of trying to make things better and continue our dance to oblivion.
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