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Default Re: Welcome to SeC's Club Conspiracy


This comment...

Sorry, had to do it. So childish of me. Usually NOHOPE does this.
...was regarding getting my name ALL OVER the front page. I have no particular comment on your distaste for SEC.

I have just reconnected to the net from home and was so enthused i realised I had commented on nearly the entire front page...i just wanted to finish it off. Like I said, a little childish of me.

Here's another that has left a thousand times always so dramatic as if the wisdom of the ages was walking out the door.
Yes, i have left a thousand times. I never went to a forum until Makow asked me to pop in a couple years back. I considered forum posters VERY bored and desperate individuals in need of therapy.

I found a great novelty value at first and realised that I had knowledge I never really placed much value on until I started to see how things worked. I always considered Freemasonry a load of childish wank but know differently now.

The last few years have been quite stressful for me...partly my own fault. Would you like to be constantly surveilled day in day out for 3 years? Would you like your home broken into 4 times by Feds on counter terrorism warrents leaving little "hints" that they've been their? Taking money? Through contacts I know EVERYTHING that has been laid on me and at one stage I was numero uno on their list because of associations and a percieved relationship with certain good shots barracked down the road.

You should listen to what I say. I have said consistently and accurately what was happening on many issues.

1)These include the supposed draft of U.S citizens that was "just around the corner". I laughed at this prospect while EVERYONE in the mainstream and alternative media were hiding under their beds.

2)The invasion of Iran...another furfie bandied about by ALL the well known mainstream and alternative media. I could NOT find a SINGLE commentator who had the same position as me that the invasion of Iran was a distraction that could never happen. I eventually found an article (a good one) by Stan Goff which was in complete agreemant with my views after I had been posting for months that the invasion of Iran was bullshit. Simply check my posts here from 2 years ago.

3) Massive terrorist attack ala 9-11. I was consistent that this would not happen given the massive backlash that would happen. Especially from members of the armed forces. This did'nt stop Jones ramping up the anxiety levels with his constant carping that millions of Americans were gonna die.

The collapse of the U.S economy is the key.

4) Meaningful "split" in the NWO lackey ranks. True, no doubt their is on the many levels just like any bunch of common criminals but how many people were forgetting the simple and well known lineage of the East Coast Blue Blood lackey's called Bush? Slaves of Rochefella/Morgan/Rothschild. Always have been...always will be. Bush is a "patsy" designed to energise the Left and keep us throwing ourselves back and forth in the "Left/Right" paradigm of Problem/Reaction/Soloution.

Cutting Edge Ministries were the ONLY web site I could find who were consitstently pointing this out.

"Pride Cometh Before The Fall"...and i am not saying I have my "finger on the pulse" by any means. I just think others like to scare themselves shitless with doom and gloom stories...something i am guilty of myself.:-)

I don't claim to have the wisdom of the ages, but I know a drama queen when I see one.
True...i am an emotional Scorpio but i'm working on it.:-)

As to SeC, most of the time I have already found the info through my own searches and as to his 1900s onward witchcraft philosophy, its junk.
He continues to post here so why not defend your position? Instead of crying like a child, pull his articles apart. Use the knowledge you have gained to identify the enemy and state to new comers why his world view is wrong? Or dangerous.

I really don't care whether he posts or not it is his right to. I just skip it.
It is blatently clear you do care hence the whining nature of this original posted thread. DEBATE HIM! If he wont stick around to explain his position then he should be regarded as a troll. Still, it will be good practice to pull his articles apart and expose the defects in his philosophy...would it not?:-)

Also derogatory comments don't affect me so let it roll. They show your true character and that you can not make a substantial point with out them.
I would say you are guilty as sin on this point. I have not seen you DEBATE in ANY meaningful way since you got here. You are intelligent so stop whining and posting derogatory comments about people and instead pull apart their statements.:-)

They harm you not me. This world is a complete wasteland and it will not get any better because the dominant species will not let it. So lets all continue our charade of trying to make things better and continue our dance to oblivion.
Lord have mercy! Get out the razor blades! Join a Gothic/Nihlistic cult or something...puleeeeeze!

You are better than this! The world in fact is a great place filled at this time with much oppertunity. DO NOT let the bastards make you think you are alone and helpless. They had me for a while...dont fall for it. The internet community has TRASHED their plans and they are shifting to plan B.

They may well carry out a massive nuke strike at some point ala the Pike and Mazzini letters but we stopped Plan A and we can stop plan B.

The truth will set you free so lets hear it. Lets debate it.

I have made a conscious effort to raise the level of debate here by starting with myself. I am a 35 year old male who likes to read and talk to people. I have nothing special other than a curiosity for the truth and a love of joining dots.

Lets all do it.

I look forward to your posts. Sincerely. :-)
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