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Default Re: Methamphetamines becoming Australia's drug of choice

Hell, how did I miss this one?

Ya know whats amazing? In West Oz...we ALL know who the dealers are.

Their is currently a bit of tension between the Lebanese "Sword Boys" gang and the motor cycle gang the "Coffin Cheaters". Troy McCanty of the CC club got his throat cut by the lebbo's to which he responded 5 rounds from his Glock in the guys backside. Pretty weak actually. If someone slashed my throat they would have got 5 in the head...

The CC are in close with the Italian Mafia honcho lackey, John Kizon who, to be honest, is in person not a bad bloke if you hav'nt ripped him off.

The point is...on it goes. The CC gang is the West Oz police services BIGGEST criminal informants. They are in fact.."dogs" of the biggest kind. Still the trade goes on with a few busts here and there.

Every time you see a "whacko" murder mystery, occult sacrifice, 90 year old Grandma raped, car chase and 3 dead innocent can gaurantee...without doubt...amphetamines.

When you see young kids from Tennesee blowing the heads off prone Iraqi's...amphetamine. When you see on the news large syringes called by the media "adrenaline injections" being used by the Insurgency - amphetamine (they dont call it that coz the U.S uses it too).

War heros doing amazing acts of courage - amphetamine/benzedrine. War crimes after 3 days of non stop fighting and a head full guessed it...amphetamine.

It will DESTROY the social fabric if it is not stamped out. You can begin with the corrupt police services.
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