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Default Re: Methamphetamines becoming Australia's drug of choice

Any Tau Crips out in your neck of the globe? They get inked with Greek "T"'s, and are of the Asian persuation, I believe.
Not aware of this group. The Asians here are pretty low key. They deal in Meth but mostly heroin. Just yesterday, this guy...

[img align=left][/img] ...was hung for trying to get an ounce of Heroin into Oz from Singapore. People were crying in the streets. No one crys of course for the dead junkie or the families destroyed. The press even airbrushed out his tattoo's so we could all think of him as the sweet high school kid he once was.

It amazes me...great big signs - "Drug Trafficking = Death Penalty" but still they try for NO other reason than easy money and greed. Then cry like babies when caught. Pathetic.

The Feds here have declared war and if you attempt to bring drugs into Oz they will simply allow you to rot for 30 years in an Asian jail or hang from the neck in Asia. The choice is simple but still the fools will try.

I happen to like drugs. Meth is my drug of choice but I am WELL aware as an R.N and a former man of the streets that it causes WAY to much damage to the societal fabric. Which is why the social engineer's love it.
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