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Wink We have now 3 areas of western led "revolutions": Iran, Urumqi and Honduras

We have now 3 areas of western led "revolutions": Iran, Urumqi and Honduras.

All I can say is: The CIA is behind everything!!!

The "Tibeten issue" really did`nt matter much as the Xinjang issue will cause much problems for China. The West wants to "hurt China real bad" but without any diect consequence to themselves.

First by encouraging "dissent and roiting" leading to mass demonstrations and killings of innocent people and further exploitation of the problems the west has already got its media channels "tuned in".

More damaging to China will be the sympathy from the Muslim world from Africa, North Africa, Middle-east and Asia, who are doing fantastic amount of business with China...this is where the west wants to "hurt China" by creating this problem in Xinjang, and at the same time utilising the insurgents from Afghanistan to go and wage "war" in Xinjang.

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