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Default Re: Bible Study - Let us ponder together

Hi Barbara.. I am one of your fans.. Good on you for asking a question.

My answer to that is that: It's all a bunch of hogwash. The meaning of Christ has been hidden by the "Church" thru the last few thousand years in order to not only grab the money of the suckers but also their souls.. (If there is such a thing)

Sons of God.. No mystery at all.. There were 23 angels.. a third of them fell from grace toward earth.. Let me get my calculator out.. Duh.. 7 point 666. I wonder which one of the Angels was only missing a third of his/her program.

Most of the other Angels.. sons and should be daughters of God.. were expressing the different attitudes of God.. The attitudes of man on this dump called Earth.

Some of the Angels were selling "repentance", another was selling "long suffering"

Jesus was selling "Faith".. Satan was selling "Fear"

The whole problem of religion is beginning to look like an exercise in some kind of super symmetrically to me. I think when we die ..We die.. Just like our dogs and cats do. And the maggots eat our flesh like they should.

And yet there is something else going on.. There are too many paranormal events happening.. It seems like perhaps Religion and miracles are the result of an attitude of faith.. or fear.. that perhaps shakes the dimensions we think are real into a dimensional shift and a new universe is created to accommodate the shift.

Perhaps Fear creates a cascading effect and results in it's realization.. The same way that Faith affects events.

I believe religion abandons the sciences and mathematics we know nothing about.. And yet their are 11 dimensions out there.. Waiting for us to understand them.

I wish that religions and science would come to the conclusion that they are talking about the same thing .. but in different languages. Religion is just a misunderstanding of the science of “Our Being The Human Race.. And yet I like dogs and cats and monkeys and viruses and all the rest that comes with the package deal… I like Earth.. How about YOU?
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