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Default Re: Jordan Maxwell Exposed

You see, there are shape shifting people, today ime a reptilian lizard, to morrow i am GW Bush.

Ok, Maybe not then.

The shape shifting bit, is a bit hard to swallow, but you just never know, we are educated by those in charge, the elite, who ever they are, our minds are like a computer hard drive, they are formatted by our education, we can only understand what our education dictates to us.

We were never told as we grew up that such a beast as shape shifting Lizards existed, so obviously we find it hard, if not impossible to believe, its simply the way wee were educated/formatted.

An example, is my dear old Grand father who died, many years ago ago when i was a lad, TV's had not long been around, but i managed to pick something up about possible flights to the moon, so i ran to my Grand farther very exited and told him that some one would soon be going to the moon, he started laughing, and told me that i was being silly, thats impossible he said, take no notice of what them silly buggers tell you, ime telling you now, it cant be done. He really believed that it could not be done, in his days he had not heard only thing of space flight, so he thought it could never happen, his brain had not been educated/formatted with that information.

It just may be the same with us now, regarding shape shifting, you never know.

Any any one here heard of the chupacabra (goat sucker) if you have read or heard the description of it, it matches no known creature on earth, but it does exist.

It is apparently one ugly fother mucker, it has only been seen in recent years, lots of people still say there is no such thing, they can not believe such a thing exists. The first reports i heard were in Mexico, it was seen and captured just out side a town, but the interesting thing is that it was very close to a US base there (shape shifter) having a bad shifting day??? You never know.

Also if you read your Bible you will see that it says they created monsters in that time, Monsters? - Shape shifters? It just might be.

One more thing before i shift back to G W, and get ready for my weekly poker game with my my mate Binny (bin Laden to you guys) an American senator made statement some while back saying that it would be 100 years before the general public got to know about, what is top secret technology used by the Government of today. Technology is 100 years in from of our knowledge, what they have and what they can do, is beyond our comprehension, just like my Grand Father with space flight all those years ago.

I hope this makes some of you guys think a bit more.

Am i saying that i definitely believe in shape shifting? No ime not, but i am saying, that it might be possible.
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