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Default Re: Are American Freemasons 'Blue Bloods'?

Originally Posted by stompk View Post
America was duped by English Freemasons, like George Washington. They were in place to make sure that taxes were still being collected.

All Freemasons, are loyal to the Queen of England (British Royalty). Many don't even know it, as they haven't bothered to review the history.

That's why we have states like Virginia, named after Queen Victoria, The House of Burgesses, of which Washington was a member of, was created to instill the English Court system, which is a masonic system.

House of Burgesses
I am fascinated by your historical quote stompk:

During the 1610s, the small English colony at Jamestown was essentially a failure. Fearful of losing their investment, the officers of the Virginia Company in London embarked upon a series of reforms designed to attract more people to the troubled settlement

Company officials also made justice in Virginia more predictable by adopting English common law as the basis of their system, which replaced the whims of the governor as the final voice on legal matters. In 1620, in an effort to create a more stable society, the company dispatched a boatload of marriageable women to the colony; the going rate was 120 pounds of tobacco for each bride.
I don't wish to sound like a stickler for historical accuracy but wasn't the 1610's before American Independence?
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