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Default Re: Are American Freemasons 'Blue Bloods'?

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
What's wrong with using noble or sovereign? Our cause is noble and our jurisdictions are sovereign unto themselves.

My "bad apple" comment refers not to P2, but to some individual Brothers who are not always good or have been expelled. P2 is a clandestine, rogue Lodge not recognized by any Grand Lodge. Most irregular Lodges don't follow the basic tenets or regulations of the Fraternity. Thus are they not recognized.

What about those Masons that work within the government? I work for the military. So what? Masons come from all walks of life.

Freemasonry isn't politic nor does it hold specific leanings in ideology nor is politics (along with religion) allowed to be discussed within the Lodge. It stands for goodness, plain and simple. It charges you to be a good citizen, but that doesn't mean pro-establishment. Plus, I know several Brothers who are very liberal.

I wasn't meaning it to be a bribe, and it would be a far stretch to prove it. I was asking to prove that privacy is needed and acceptable. I don't go yelling out my banking information or any personal information, as it is personal.
From what you have said as follows:

Freemasonry strives to better the world around us. We strive to set an example of virtue and charity that others may follow. We believe equality, morality, love for one another, integrity, and fidelity/loyalty.
It is almost as if you have painted the Freemasons as being like some sort of church group.

But what of the origins of Freemasonry in the age of the Enlightenment? Shouldn't the Freemasons be avant-garde intellectuals with some radical agenda? Its almost as if you were the opposite.

Also what is an apparently clever and respectable chap like yourself doing hanging around on a conspiracy forum like this? Are you not snooping on what is being said about the Freemasons?
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