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Default Re: Jessica Ridgeway Investigation Stinks

We have followed the Jessica Ridgeway abduction case closely, because it is only a few hundred miles from us, and on the nightly news every night, and we have a 10 yr old daughter.

From the get-go, things have seems fishy to me, from the way the mother reacted to it, to the way the back pack was found in the middle of the street, to the way the crime scene was handled when the body was found. Someone, was covering up something...

Now, they have a suspect..

Is it me, or does the guy look a lot like the vampire dude in Twilight?

Last night on the news, they showed the cops removing a nice jeep from a fancy house in an affluent neighborhood. The whole time in this case, my suspicions had risen that they were protecting the murderer somehow, maybe because he was a cop, or connected to a cop..

Well, the creepy vampire look alike parents were divorced. There is no info on the mother, but some interesting stuff came out about the dad.

Robert Siggs;

Hmmm, guy was arrested by the FBI on mortgage/banking fraud, a drug dealer, an abusive husband, has no drivers license (in Colorado, a habitual
traffic offender get's license revoked for life), but lives in a sprawling mansion?

And, he happens to conveniently be in Mexico on business while his son is arrested???

Also, the guy owns a company called Performance One Media. Somehow, all info about the guy and his company has been conveniently erased. Luckily, google cache has some interesting tidbits.

It appears they own a race team too. He was president of Turner Media Group, and took it to a 100 employee media powerhouse, yet look up TMG and you find they have about 8 employees, and not even a website..Can someone say FBI front?

And meanwhile, he was getting DUI's, dealing drugs, and committing mortgage fraud?

Performance One Media happens to be located in the Denver Tech Center, a huge spy contractor center
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