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Default Re: Aliens are in fact Demons

Ahmad wrote:
Peace Shatrani,

"They are tools without free will "

But if they are without free will, how could they have rebelled against God, how did their father Satan proclaim he is a god ?


I tell you God doesn't use nobody with free will so demons to be used no need to have free will.
Satan knows who is God but doesn't want to recognize God being The Single Creator.
Satan is against God because his ego is bigger then his awarness. God choose Satan to be a tool but if God want could destroy him in a moment. But God use satan because that he was created. When satan become unusefull he will be locked somewhere in Universe. But that isnt our problem. Our problem is to change ourself to recongnize God inside us and outside us. To go home and home it means with God.The things going to change soon if we are able to see what happens with us. But this is another thing, keeping by ourselfs.
\"Humanity sometimes trips on the Truth, but quickly recovers and follows its course. (Murphy\'s Law)
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