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Default Re: Why is Mike Rivero (WRH) lying to you?

Actually StoneWT I was refering to you.

I already know Rivero is an arrogent arsehole.

He NEVER posts dissenting views...NEVER!

He NEVER returns your e-mails (like Vialls) when you catch him on a mistake...NEVER.

He even sent my e-mail address on to 'the authorities' when i told him copying MP3's was o.k and the lazy coke snorting so & so's could earn a living touring.

Rivero also gets my goat with his constant attacks on the church and religion in general instead of the scum bags in them.

The opposite is Henry Makow who is a gentleman and allows for dissent from his own views.

I believe thats because Henry is sure of the ground on which he stands.

in the end Stone...You're right! I constantly hear "the steel melted". Cods of course.

However...the ABSOLOUTE fairy tale that is the engineer's report of how the twin towers collapsed is 1000 times more bullshit so perhaps you should focuss on that whilst mentioning errors by certain people.

How do I know thats bullshit? I used to work 'melting' metals. Anyone who says a building can simply slide down itself in near free fall needs to be deprogrammed.

The joints expanded? I'm sure they did.

To the point of total symetrical collapse? Yeh right.

By a low heat 'Kerosine' fire (thats what jet fuel is)...please Stone.

When I saw those Towers go i yelled "bullshit"...i then pulled myself back as I simply could'nt comprehend the depths of the scam.

I can now.

I hope you can too.

And yes Rivero is an arsehole but he's the first site I go to in the morning...

wait a minute...i just went through your post again...i see what you're trying to say. Rivero is getting air time and pushing truth with deliberate disinformation.

Well, i have had my doubts about Rivero. Especially his inexplicable support of Microsoft.

Point taken.

I presume you beleieve the Popular Mechanics version?

In that case you're the disinformation artist.

Or, menatlly challenged.

Stake your case man...or forever return to LF where they are at him already.

We may be Religious nuts here but we are capable of simple common sense judgements.
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