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Default Re: Why is Mike Rivero (WRH) lying to you?


Take a deep breath and calm down. This is why I left another forum. Too many people making assumptions (usually baseless) and acting as if you are the enemy based upon those groundless assumptions.

I am glad you came closer to my point. I was not advocating a particular view. I was merely pointing out that a man with a growing platform chose to lie to the public. However the towers really fell, Popular Mechanics never said what Mike Rivero claims they said. Hell, the magazine said the exact opposite!

What gets me is that some of these small and medium-time 'researchers' have the nerve to attack big-time researchers over opinions or perceived errors. However, you catch one of them in an outright lie and...well, you know.

Thanks for the advice on LF. However, I was already over there trying to beat some common sense into the clowns concerning garbage theories. The slightest variation from one of their pet conspiracy theories (even if you agreed with them overall) sent them into a foaming rage. All politeness and reasoning ability went out the window. They would rather believe something that is clearly wrong or overwhelmingly likely to be wrong than disturb whatever small measure of Internet fame they have achieved by posting crappy conspiracy theories as if they were their own handiwork.
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