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55132 wrote:

what it is about the nwo? I will tell you

its run by thieves, liars, killers and corrupt men, the kind of people who have no regards for anyone and will do anything to get their way, the world must be told about them, sadly most will never understand and many will choose to try to join them - as if they could, itís a struggle for knowledge and awareness the things they most hate.

i for one will not be lead by them

you are very keen at double speak, and you know how to plant doubt and memes. but your attitude in belittling betrays you , you are good at mocking but not that good
RE: of belittling people--most of you people in this forum are no better than the NWO upper crust. look at you, unless someone is christian, you don't accept them. this site should contain peoples of all backgrounds/beliefs. the one thing that this CC is for is the unity of those against the NWO. where is it written that if you are not christian, then you are one of 'them'. what's with that nonsense. i thought you people were advanced/educated. how dare you come down hard on those who do not have your religious/christian/spiritual/faith, etc beliefs. seek to find like minds--that of those against the NWO agenda as they believe it will be. find it in your heart to comfort those that you think are less than you in knowledge, education, dialogue, and such. don't ignore them. unite. when are some of you people going to get it!! to some of us who are not of any religion-denomination, nor "plant" of theirs, or a "socialist" as i've been called, we are waiting for you to knock it off. one can't mention anything that might come out as some good in the future under this NWO because you want to have things appear as evil only. do i want to see the rich get richer, NO. do i want to see the poor get poorer, NO. i want people to be free and prosper and support their country so that we can speak up. we need to reclaim these rights. but as long as you keep up with going against people because of religion, color, heritage background, etc., then you give the NWO controllers plenty to take advantage of.

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