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Default Re: DELTA and RedRat; NWO Operatives

You see...Red Rat is just a singles club member that likes to read your posts, Blue Angel. I see no harm in her attraction to you. I doubt she is a government spy...but who knows. I am a zionist to an extent, and possible seek to rule the world, but still i believe in certain conspiracy threads. It may not be conspiracy all, but certain design! I love to just read and enjoy all of your posts and ideas. You all should make up, and we could all find a better discussion amongst our selves, like how to stop Nazis from taking over...or how to remote view...or HUB -4 and mindcontrol...or subliminal messages in movies...or ... I think it is a coincidence is all. Take care and go a little more ez, its just a forum and we are all nuts, (fallen from the tree). I love being crazy. But I am my own No worries here. I promise not to spin, but make sense of what I read. You all can just say...sorry I offended you in any way...and whats your favorite cd? It wont hurt anyone to say...maybe its a coincidence and lets all be forum operatives together and try to understand each others interests. I like ya all>and think that anyone seeking truth is an operative of peace. It may be impossible...but we never know till we try! PEACE to Blue Angel, Redrat, Delta and to the troll hunter. We can all be cool. I appologize if in any way I offended, but it is not my intention other than to play the middle here.!
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